1. Do you retouch?  Yes!  I retouch every image that you purchase.  Your skin will look perfect yet natural.

2. Do you sell digital files?  Yes.  Included with your purchase are facebook- or email-sized images - you'll receive a small digital version of every image that you purchase.  If you're interested in purchasing full-size images that is also possible - you can access my pricing information here.

3.  How many outfits can I bring?  Bring a lot of them.  My sessions are limited by time, not by outfits or poses.  You can change as many times as you like within the session time (2 - 3 hours for a full session, 1 hour for a half session).  I have some clothing ideas here.

4.  Can I bring a friend?  Yes!  Friends make everything more fun.  I also love it when moms, dads, brothers, sisters, etc., come along.  Bring someone fun who can make you laugh! 

5.  Can I share my senior session with a friend?  Yes!  Like I said above, having a friend along makes everything more fun. If you want to combine your senior session with a friend, you can each choose a reward gift or I will discount each of your session fees by $50. You can get pictures together, and it also makes the viewing appointment even more fun.

6.  Do you have any discounts if my friends want to get senior portraits with you too? Yes! I really appreciate it when you refer your friends to me for their senior portraits! I have a few choices of rewards that I hope you will enjoy, from a custom photo phone case to discounts on prints to digital files.

8.  Can I bring my pet?  Sure!  Just please make sure I know you're planning on a pet ahead of time.  If your pet is a horse, please let me come to you. :) 

9.  If you have any more questions, please email me and I can add to the list!



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