• Bring lots of clothes to choose from!  That way we can choose what will be most flattering, provide the best variety, and what will look best with the backgrounds we're using.  I recommend bringing something like twice the amount of outfits that you think we will probably use.

  • Bring a variety of colors and styles, and vary the dressiness of your clothes.  Bring some more formal clothing (prom dresses, a suit), some casual clothing (jeans and shirts), and clothes in between.  Bring sports uniforms if you have them.  And, trust me, your mom really wants you to bring your letter jacket.

  • Bring clothes for all seasons - no matter what season it is.  Think about layers.  Try to come up with as much variety with each outfit as possible - for example, wear a leather jacket with a cool top underneath, for shots both with and without the jacket.  Bring sweaters, turtlenecks, hoodies, and jackets or vests with furry hoods, etc.  These types of clothing can be very flattering and can help put the emphasis on your face.

  • What to avoid: stripes and bold plaids (they don't photograph well and don't flatter anyone); sleeveless tops (most people prefer photographs of themselves with sleeves).  Make sure the outfits that you bring flatter YOU!  Some recent styles are too baggy or too tight or low-cut to be flattering.  It all shows, so put your outfits on & look in the mirror ahead of time to be sure they are flattering for you.

  • Darker colors minimize body size.  In general clothes in solid colors tend to be more flattering and easier to work with.   That said, you should bring clothes that fit your personality, so if you never wear dark solid colors don't start for your senior portraits.

  • Please bring clothes grouped together hanging on hangers - we won't have time to iron and wrinkles will show!

  • Plan and bring accessories and shoes that go with your outfits.  Necklaces, earrings, rings, hats, scarves, shoes, etc.  I recommend putting your accessories in plastic bags and hanging them on the hanger with your outfit, so you will be able to quickly change and keep everything together. 

  • My sessions do have a time limit.  Most seniors can easily fit in 2 to 3 outfits within a 1 hour timeslot, but it's important to be organized and plan ahead.  That way you won't waste too much time changing.  It is trickier to change clothes when we're out on location, but it's pretty easy to add and remove layers, so think about ways you can change your look even if we don't have a decent place to change.

  • Pinterest! It's easy to find ideas for outfits for all seasons.


  • Don't change your hairstyle or cut your hair just before your session.  You could get a trim & style by your hairstylist but don't make any big changes!  You will want to look like yourself.

  • Bring your hair care tools with you: brushes, hair spray, curling, flat iron, etc.


  • Avoid self-tanning lotions - they can make your skin color look unnatural in the photographs.

  • Avoid sunburns!  Sunburned and peeling skin does NOT look good in photographs and Photoshop cannot fix that.


  • If you always wear glasses, consider going to a glasses store and either have them remove the lenses from your frames for your sessions, or ask to borrow a pair of frames in a similar style.  I try to avoid glasses glare as much as I can, but it's not always possible.  Removing glare from glasses is not covered in my normal retouching.


  • Again, you want to look like yourself!  Don't go crazy with the makeup.  I recommend wearing only a little more makeup than usual, like what you would wear for a night out on the town.

  • Even if you don't usually wear lipstick, bring colored lip gloss or lipstick in natural colors.  Lips without anything on them are hard to see in photographs.  (Even I wear colored lipgloss for pictures, and I never do any other time.)

  • Avoid makeup with sparkles and glitter in it.  It shows up as bright white spots in the images.


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